It is a true joy and a sense of pride, as well as a necessary component for dogs that are in competition to be able to heel properly. Even if you have no intention of competing with your dog, it is a great benefit to be able to heel your dog in public, in situations where there are distractions, kids, other dogs, traffic, squirrels, rabbits, etc. In this production the complete sequence of teaching a dog to heel, in the correct position, looking out and not up into the sky, while at the same time being totally aware of the movements and progress of the handler are explained in detail in a step by step process that is extremely clear and when followed will produce a dog that heels properly. It is important that each sequence is practiced and rehearsed before moving forward. Many times trainers will skip ahead and be in a hurry to achieve results and in the long run, end up taking a longer time because they have to go back and redo essential portions of the program. When you follow the sequence, you can expect to be excited to have a dog that heels beautifully and correctly under adverse conditions.