In retriever puppy training the key is to get the retrieving going first. You have to have a wild puppy before you start to do obedience. First thing is to get them wild to retrieve. If they aren’t wild to retrieve, you don’t want to start making them sit and walk on a lead. First they get wild, then you balance that with the leash and the sit command.

The same balance should be carried throughout the dog’s life. A dog that is wild to retrieve should have more obedience lessons than retrieving lessons. A dog more obedient and less wild to retrieve should have more retrieves than obedience.

Every dog is different and the training program must match and balance their unique personalities. All dogs need balance, and a dog trained with the correct balance is eager to retrieve, obedient on the line and in the field, and extremely HAPPY!

“They can all do it, you just have to bring it out in them.”