Bill Hillmann Retriever Training Philosophy

The most important part to training is to develop a relationship with your dog that will create a bond and a partnership. This will be based on respect and kindness and that that will last forever.

The way to develop trust can only occur with consistency . . . so, if you are consistent then you are dependable . . . and if you become dependable then you are trustworthy. Then because you are trustworthy you will create a dog that is compliant. This trust will sustain itself even in the most demanding situations.

Being in Balance is key to Bill’s approach – the concept of having the dog be free and happy and still master skills that are important.

“Make him know that you think he is the most spectacular little puppy that there ever was.

That will carry him through all of his life. That will give him courage. He will believe in you. He will trust you and be your teammate … if you are fair with him and you respect him. There’s no room in this entire exercise for anything other than kindness for this little puppy. He’s totally innocent and he wants to do everything … he just needs to be taught WHAT it is that you want.”

Bill has trained the most High Point Derby dogs in Field Trial history. He has also been credited with scoring more total derby points than any other retriever trainer in history. Bill has also developed more than forty Field Champions, numerous Amateur Field Champions, double header winners and a National Amateur Retriever Champion.

Bill’s method of retriever training works with ALL types of retrievers and gun dogs, from the most mild mannered British Hunting Labrador Retriever to the most driven American Field Trial Labrador Retriever. His videos and articles will guide you in training your retriever with a solid and balanced obedience foundation and mild remote training collar reinforcement. “They can all do it . . . you just have to bring out the best in them.”