A Tribute to Rex Carr

There are many references on forums and in general discussions about “Carr based training.” Rex Carr was a brilliant trainer who developed a process fifty plus years ago that is the basis for almost every successful retriever trainer in the United States today.  When I analyze the basis for Rex Carr’s training I believe that it breaks down into three essential categories. This short clip outlines my thoughts on the principle aspects of the way Rex Carr trained.

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“Training Alone” DVD with Dennis Voigt

A few weeks ago when I was in Florida I got a chance to spend some time with Dennis Voigt.  Dennis has trained a number of Field Champions.  He has had three National winners.  Also he publishes Retrievers Online magazine (www.retrieversonline.com) which to me is the most important single source for retriever training information that is available today.  Frankly, I don’t understand how he can do it all.  It seems overwhelming to me.  Dennis is a true student of how dogs learn and he is always searching for better ways to communicate with retrievers.  The following clip is about his very outstanding video “Training Alone” which is available at  ybsmedia.com