Bill Hillmann Retriever Training Philosophy

The most important part to training is to develop a relationship with your dog that will create a bond and a partnership. This will be based on respect and kindness and that will last forever. The way to develop trust can only occur with consistency . . . so, if you are consistent then you are dependable . . . and if you become dependable then you are trustworthy. Then because you are trustworthy you will create a dog that is compliant. This trust will sustain itself even in the most demanding situations. [Read more]

The Extreme Power of Conditioning (3)
The difference between training an conditioning


   What people are saying …

Chris Atkinson

I am absolutely loving the application of the puppy training material with my current puppy. I’ve come to consider him like a ball of clay that I work a bit each session. At the end of the session, he may not look that different. But if I back up to a week or two prior, he is starting to take shape – and will eventually be the masterpiece I’m focused on building.
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Richard Poulsen

I first purchased your puppy DVD and thought it was a little costly until I watched it! Mr. Hillmann offers so much more than just dog training. He makes training fun again. You can’t put a price on quality … wonderful thoughts and wonderful ideas. The only regret I have is I didn’t have your product earlier in my life. It’s so nice to see a different way to peel an apple and you are very very good at it.
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Mary Howley

I have been waiting for a DVD like this for years. “Art & Science of Raising a Puppy” I will stake my 50 years as a breeder, that if you follow this information you can have real success. This is the gospel – an excellent video – all you have to do is follow it.
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John Cole

Dear Mary, I found the puppy retriever video to be the most inspirational puppy retriever training video I’ve had the pleasure to enjoy. Trust me. I’ve seen quite a few. I think Bill’s out of the box approach sets the standard for where puppies can be at 5 ½ months. I could feel the intense drive that Bill got out of his dog Nick through the series of simple repetitive drills, constant praise, and sincere passion.
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Lyle Steinmann

“Training a Retriever Puppy” is the one and only DVD to get! We recommend it to all our clients and friends who are thinking about getting a puppy. We recommend it before they get their puppy, to watch it and study it. This has given our puppies a head start towards reaching their potential, no matter what direction they want their puppy to go.
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Jim Sawyer

Hello Bill and Mary, Just a note to say that I feel your videos are the Best in the business. I have trained for over 35 yrs, and breeding British Labs. We now require all our client to purchase the puppy video when buying a pup. I feel this is the best possible way to insure that they have a good understanding of Balance.
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Training a Retriever Puppy

Bill explains his way of starting a retriever puppy, to get him started in the right direction.

This beginning training will create habits and form a relationship that will be the foundation for any retrieving activities whether it’s hunting ducks, chasing a tennis ball in your backyard, or going into competitive events.

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The Fetch Command

The subject of this production is teaching the Fetch command. The common term for this is force breaking. A number of years ago Bill decided to work on a process to use the electric collar to reinforce the Fetch command AFTER he has taught force fetch, in a teaching way.
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Traffic Cop

We start by teaching the dog to sit with minor distractions as to tossing a bumper on the ground. The “sit” command is reinforced with the remote trainer. It’s done in such a mild way the dog doesn’t realize he’s being taught anything.
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Fundamentals: Land

What are Fundamentals?  Since I finished filming I have  been thinking more about fundamentals as I view the subject. .. . for me it’s really a time when you develop the way a dog is. …  From the time you first start training a puppy and on thru basic training,  you are molding what the dog will be like.
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Fundamentals: Water

One of the key things about Fundamentals is that during this time it’s important that the dog progresses in his marking as well. During this part of training Bill likes to do at least what he calles “walking marks,” where you make the dog sit, you walk out a ways, say “sit” and throw a mark and send the dog.
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The Art and Science of Raising a Puppy

This production is the real life tale of “Nick” Adams. It will teach you how to develop your new puppy so that he will grow up to be the dog you have always dreamed of – even if you have never trained or owned a dog before, and no matter which breed you have chosen.
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Training your Pet with the Electric Collar, the soft collar Method for All Breeds

Training your Pet with the Electric Collar shows consecutive training sessions with a mixed breed [half Jack Russell terrier] one year old pet “Tilly” which has never been worked before the camera started shooting the lessons. You will see the very first time Tilly hears the SIT command and the first time she walks on a line.
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